VCT Stripping & Waxing

Professional Vinyl Composition Tile, (V.C.T.) Cleaning

Has your V.C.T. lost its shine? Our cleaning will remove the soiling, buff out the scratches, and restore the luster.

The Process

1. Review scope of job and examine areas of special concern
2. Measure for total square footage
3. Establish firm price
4. Move furniture
5. Pre-sweep or dust mop all areas and remove gum, tar, glue, etc. from the floor.
6. Apply V.C.T. stripper
7. Allow time for the stripper to begin to breakdown oils and soiling
8. Scrub away the old wax, stains, and ground in soiling with the appropriate stripping pad (or, brushes) and scrubber
9. Extract and rinse away (or, wipe up) the stripper residue
10. Apply the first coat of floor finish with a clean mop (dry 45 min.)
11. Apply the second coat of floor finish with a clean mop (dry 45 min.)
12. Apply the third coat of floor finish with a clean mop (dry 45 min.) (Jobs are often quoted with two coats to keep costs down. The number of coats of polish applied may be specified by the type of vinyl flooring you have.)
13. Review job’s success with customer
14. Finalize billing


In Preparation for Your V.C.T. Cleaning:
Please allow us to communicate a few important points that should prove very helpful.


Once we begin your V.C.T. cleaning, we will apply special pretreatments and V.C.T. solutions that are VERY SLIPPERY. Please take special caution when walking near the work area. Also, the tools can pose TRIP HAZARDS. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. We recommend closing off the areas until the work is finished.


The drying time for most V.C.T. finish is about 45 minutes, depending on the thickness of the application, the volume of air circulation, the temperature and the relative humidity in the room. You may wish to improve the drying time by setting the temperature to about 75° F and turning on ceiling fans. Warmer air will draw moisture out of your V.C.T. finish faster.


We suggest that you not put your furniture back until the last coat of finish is fully dry. Putting furniture back too early can create marks in the new finish.


After we leave, the V.C.T. will be damp. All foot traffic should be avoided until the drying is complete. V.C.T. finish will mar and resoil easily while damp.


There is no set rule as to how often V.C.T. should be cleaned. Frequency of V.C.T. cleaning varies due to the texture of the tile, the amount of foot traffic, the number of V.C.T. finishing coats, the frequency of sweeping and mopping, etc. V.C.T. should generally be cleaned as soon as imbedded soiling begins to appear or the V.C.T. making it look dull. Your customer care guide/warranty supplied by the manufacturer may specify a maximum length of time in between professional V.C.T. cleanings.


If you would like your V.C.T. cleaned on a routine basis, you may call our office at 207-767-1359.

Please mention to our representative that you would like your V.C.T. cleaned on a 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 month basis.

The need for cleaning varies significantly between different customers. A representative from Magic Carpet will be able to tell you what they recommend after considering the nature of the traffic.

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