24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration

We provide services in the entire Southern Maine area including South Portland, Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Saco, Falmouth, Cumberland, and Biddeford. These services include water damage restoration, mold removal, sewage extraction, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Water Damage Insurance

We work with many insurance companies, contractors, adjusters and management companies, and use our expertise to guide you through the claim process. If you are not enrolled with an insurance company that will cover water damage restoration, burst pipe, mold remediation or any of our other services, we will be happy to offer you a competitive price. We have liability insurance and all our employees are insured with worker’s compensation and licensed by the Maine Board of Pesticides.

The Importance of Immediate Response to a Water Damage

When water gets out of control in a home or business, its effect can range from a simple nuisance to downright disastrous!

Typically, when you have an uncontrolled water release, it follows the path of least resistance, spreading across surfaces as it travels. Gravity acts upon it as well and, when it finds a low spot or a path to areas lower than the source area, it follows that path downward. Depending on their porosity, many materials soak up the water.

Within minutes or hours, water absorption results in discoloration, swelling, adhesive release, delamination, warping and splitting of building materials and contents.

Within a day or two, the effect becomes much worse. But what you don’t see is the damaging effects of evaporating water – you know water vapor in the air. As water evaporates, humidity increases, so does something called “vapor pressure”. Vapor pressure is the force that vapors exert on the surrounding environment.

Damage caused by water flowing from its releasing source is called “primary damage.” The ongoing damage to ceilings, walls and contents caused by moisture in the air and vapor pressure, is called “secondary damage”. It is this secondary damage that increases both the size and cost of the loss with each passing hour.

Rapid response by a trained restoration professional is essential!

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